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updated 2020.11.10


~*~ We Have Relocated to Washington State (Seattle-Tacoma region) ~*~

~*~ We ONLY have Holland Lops at this time ~*~

We are a hobby rabbitry located in ((changing locations currently)), specializing in Netherland Dwarf (on break from Netherlands) and Holland Lop companion rabbits. The Netherland Dwarf is tied as the smallest pet rabbit breed available (adults are 2-3 pounds*).  The Holland Lop is a larger dwarf (adults are 3-5 pounds*) and is one of the most popular pet rabbit breeds in the United States. Our focus is the cultivation of personality and temperament in our herd through breeding and upbringing. Please note our Netherland herd tends toward longer ears than the breed standard, cultivating a more wild appearance. If you are interested in one of our rabbits and are located in or near the Seattle-Tacoma area, please Contact Us with a description of what you are looking for. Rabbits will not be available for direct purchase or reservation through this website.

*Hollands and Netherlands that do not carry the dwarf gene may exceed these weight ranges by 1-2 pounds.

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